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Saturday, July 2, 2011

PSYCHO: 1960

   Alright, here it is.  One of Alfred Hitchcock's finest works, Psycho.  It takes place in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, December eleventh.  The music is a masterpiece, and like other horror movies, or any movie, it sets the tone for the story and makes you feel a certain way about how the movie plays out.  Now, the music is key in this film, especially the beginning when you are clueless to whats going on (how she gets the money, from where, where she's driving to, why, and why is she acting so suspicious), but its the music that gives us a greater hint to whats going on. 

   It seems as though your to feel sorry for Norman Bates when he's with his mother, but you have to wonder how that woman has so much power over him.  The delivery of Norman bates's performance is outstanding.  I don't know if I can write anything else because its so hard to turn away from watching this and write something.  His performance has hooked me.  There may not be much action within this film, but its the suspense and direction everything is going in that makes up for it.

In conclusion:  Although I didn't write that much, I want you to understand that it was very hard to write what I thought without giving away anything.  I try to do this for all my reviews.  But if there was a a movie that ever had a twist ending, this was the film that inspired everyone else to do it.  The pay-off is perfectly pulled off.  Its very well performed especially from Norman Bates and keeps you guessing about everything and once everything comes full circle, you start to appreciate Alfred Hitchcock as a film maker.  If you haven't seen, "Psycho" yet, then your in for a treat.  

5 stars

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There is no YouTube video for the full viewing of Psycho.  Watch full movie here:  
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