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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Halloween: 1978

   I figured to save this one until Halloween but it was requested, so lets start with some background.  Halloween was directed and written by John Carpenter and produced by Debra Hill.  Now, this film was independent and had little time to shoot, but after the release date it became a huge box office success...... but I guess Ill be the judge of that.  The opening was very impressive being that there wasn't any cuts throughout an entire scene, which is something pretty difficult to pull off.  The music placement within the film is questionable because of the lack of anything scary going on in the shot, but that's the beauty of music within a film. 

   You could be watching somebody getting into their car and driving to the store and once you here the music it sets the tone for the whole scene.  A film can be perceptive towards all emotions until the score appears and tells you what to think.  I think that the constriction with shooting each scene works in John Carpenters favor because it adds an artistic sense to the film, one of which iv'e never came across before.  It allows for multiple perspectives.  Its similar to, "Bound for Glory"  with its non-cutting shots but there were limitations in, "Halloween", that were not present in said film.  

   We aren't told that much of Micheal Mires's past or how he became evil, according to the film it just.... happened, which is a little weak so credibility is lost,  but at least there is motivation incorporated, otherwise credibility would have been lost entirely.  The build-up is slow but steady, so despite the limited budget the director managed to keep a steady pace(most of the time).  

In Conclusion:  I liked this movie.  It was simple,  it stayed to the book and in the end accomplished its task.  "Halloween" didn't have anything extra, but the important thing was that what the film did incorporate, it achieved with it.  It managed to have a few scary moments.  Not upchuck-torture scary, but creeper-that-will-always-be-watching-you scary.  And to tell you the truth, that good enough for me.  If you haven't already, check it out or watch it right now by clicking on this link:    Ima watch HALLOWEEN now! 

4 and a half stars

Live the life surreal,

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